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Spec.-Ops. MAMBA M4 taktinis trijų taškų ginklo diržas

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Naujas taktinis 3-jų tvirtinimo taškų ginklo diržas.
Skirtas M4, bet pritaikomas ir AR-15 / G-36 ir pan.

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  • Unique: S-T-R-E-T-C-H feature allows wearer to strike an opponent with weapon muzzle (“barrel-thump”) while still having the weapon slung and in “ready” position.
  • Compatible with SOPMOD components: Static-side mounted “Traverse” strap keeps sling from tangling-up in weapons mounted sighting / lighting and carrying systems.
  • Fast and easy transitions: Tensioned triangle design virtually eliminates interference with body-mounted load bearing equipment, especially during weapon transitions and rope-in situations.
  • Tangle/Twist-free: Tubular web design is super strong and virtually twist/tangle-free.
  • Custom positioning: “Speed-lok” feature allows wearer to custom position and balance weapon according to situational requirements.
  • Quiet and Fast: The “MAMBA™ ” does not use any type of metal snap clips, Velcro® or any other noise-making hardware. There is no clip and ring to re-set after each use . . . KEEP IT SIMPLE!
  • Comfortable: MAMBA Fixed and MAMBA Collapsible now come with 1.25″ wide shoulder straps for improved comfort.

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